My Approach

I am a 26 year old software developer who has worked for both big companies and small alike. I share what helped me through a difficult time and flourish on the other side of it. I try to make it super easy to understand and start with the basics, and give you some fun along the way.

My Story

I moved away from Flint, MI where I was attending private school for my engineering degree right before the water crisis hit. Before this move, it was a normal day to see addicts walking around town trying to catch imaginary butterflies.

I also had a unique eduction program where I moved between school and work in my field every 3 months. I learned I worked much better by collaborating on a project than by learning in a classroom.

So, when I was tired of debt and tired of trying to keep my head up in an overcast high pressure schooling environment, I moved into a supportive community in Phoenix, AZ where I could learn to thrive again as a healthy cell and learned what really worked for me. I was supported by quality people, and took steps of action and discipline to set my life back on track. The sun helped a lot, too.

Are you unhappy with your life?

If anything that I've described touches you or is similar to what you are going through, I invite you to send me an email and request some advice on what could help you in these crucial years of your life.